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1984 928 S
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4-speed Automatic
661 -- Slate Blue Metallic / Schieferblau Metallic
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1984 928 S U.S. 2283
Slate Blue Metallic
44,450 at modification date.

Cars history:
I purchased this car January 2015 from the prior owners estate. This estate was managed by a friend that knew the owners since the 70's. The estate manager also is a well known Porsche mechanic in San Diego. (Mileage 40,073).
The car was originally purchased at Follmer Porsche in Los Angeles as evidenced by the original Owners manual. The car spent its first few years in Palm Springs and a La Quinta pass/sticker remains on the car. The car then went to San Diego with it's second owner who owned Leaf Sales an industrial liquidator. I believe the car was purchased in approximately 1989 by Wolfgang and Eleni Gagxxn. Wolfgang drove the car until his passing in 1997 and the car was last registered in 2005.
The car was stored in a garage in La Mesa, CA until Eleni passed in 2014, nearly 10 years.
After a thorough cleaning the car was taken to a Vista, Ca repair shop European Motorsports where the following work was performed:
Timing belt replaced.Water pump replaced.All tensioner rollers replaced.All belts replaced.Brake fluid flushed.Oil and transmission fluid changed.Rear struts replacedReseal left and right camshaft covers.New AC slider control.New front spoiler installed.
Bill came to $3,500.
In addition new Continental Control Sport Radials were mounted at 40,500 miles.Radioman in San Diego repaired the original radio and antenna.New Porsche rear hatch seal installed.Engine underhood insolation replaced wth Porsche piece.
A couple issues remained on the car and Greg Brown at Precision Motorwerks in Anaheim was highly recommended as a 928 expert. After waiting 6 months for a service appointment Greg did the following repairs at 41,468 miles:
Resealed front of engine at all locations.Installed Audi style tensioner kit.Removed rear suspension and resealed transmission.Repaired rear hatch latch and repair sunroof (would not open).
Greg's comments on the bill were, "Car drives extremely nice, exceptional car".
Bill came to $7,986. Car has been perfect since his work was done.
The final step was to repair the air conditioning, a Porsche mechanic friend told me about Mike Wolf at Stanco Automotive in San Diego. They worked together at Alan Johnson Porsche in the 80's. Mike now specializes in A/C repair and he was the perfect guy to fix the 928 A/C. The compressor, dryer, and expansion valve were replaced. A/C blows super cool and works great. Mileage 44,341.
Bill came to $2,099.
Cars condition:
The car is completely original and drives like a car that has low miles. Everything works as it should. The interior is in amazing condition. The leather on the dash has shrunk around the vents, other than that it is as good as you will find. No rips,tears, or holes on the seats or door panels
The paint is original and very good, there is one blemish on the left front fender that appears to be from spilled brake fluid. I have decided to leave this as the car is only original once.
I would not hesitate to drive this car cross country tomorrow..
I have owned 20 Porsche's, this one being the first automatic. I think the automatic transmission fits the 928 personality better than a 5 speed would. The car is a great GT cruiser. I am selling a few cars to fund a Porsche race car project.
Thank you,